Wrestling with Advent, Settling in to Stillness



The cast on my foot reminds me of a cocoon.  I wonder if, after as an insect spins itself inside, it has any second thoughts?  Does it struggle as it settles in for the transformation.  I long to work up an honest sweat on a hot summer day, and nothing could be further from my reality.  I dwell on minutia that feels urgent, but does not deserve my attention.  Then there’s all that darkness going on outside this time of year.

Today I took time for Advent Retreat, a day of reflection at St. John’s led by some of my favorite Jesuits:  Jim Clifton, Larry Gillick, and Andy Alexander.  It was good medicine for my cranky spirit!!

Larry Gillick used scripture from John:  “ … a light that darkness cannot overpower” for his reflection.  An ancient celebration at this time of the year was the “Festival of the Unconquered Sun” on the darkest day of the year.  I took a break outdoors near noon.  Even then, the sun was low in the sky.  A case might be made that the sun appears to  be going out of existence. Still we hope.  In a dark world.

Andy Alexander used the phrase “wrestling with Advent” in a season where Christmas gets way ahead of itself.  I found myself settling in to the shadowy stillness instead of wrestling with it.  It doesn’t hurt that my foot is getting better.  17 days after surgery, it doesn’t swell up all the time.  And when Christmas DOES arrive, I have permission to start putting a little weight on the foot.   A light at the end of the tunnel.  Overtones of Advent, the Hope of Christmas.

May the Hope be with us all.  Patience people, Christmas is coming!

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