ImageA couple of conversations yesterday left me thinking of those who suffer from holiday tensions and sadnesses. (All of us?) This morning I think especially about those who are separated from loved ones. Distance. Disease. Death. Disagreement. Whatever the reasons for our separations, this is the dark side of the holidays. Today marks the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year. In ancient times, the Festival of the Unconquered Sun was celebrated at this time of year when the sun was so low in the sky it looked as if it might sail out of existence. Candles and twinkling lights symbolize a faith that Darkness will not overpower the Light. I choose to live with that Hope in a painful world that often lacks evidence. May God bless us, every one, with hope and light in these dark days. Here’s to unnecessary kindnesses today. Cheers!

Shadows, long even at midday.

Overhead the sun

Looks as if it might

Sail out of existence.

Try to hold on to Light

In a world that lacks evidence.

Come, oh come,


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